Beekeeping Equipment List

To be an effective beekeeper you need the right tools and gear for you and your hive. While in my ideal world these tool include magic wand, bag of flower-growing stardust and glass of mead, we must endeavor to be practical about our beekeeping ventures.

  1. Hive tool: A metal thingymabobber. Different hive styles require different hive tools. A Langstroth hive tool really doesn’t work for a top bar hive. Top bar hives need long L shaped tools to cut the wax away from the walls without breaking off the comb. I love the THB tools at Backyard Hive. I generally always keep a Lang hive tool around for good measure.
  2. Smoker. While smoking shouldn’t be habitual, it’s a matter of safety to have a smoker with you. They’re around $40. You can make your own natural smoker bundles. girlnextdoorhoney has a great blog article on this.
  3. Feeders: entrance feeders or hive feeders for your hive style. At some point you will need to feed your bees honey syrup.
  4. Bee brush (bees hate them) or other softer, more bee-friendly herding tools like soft grass or a bird wing (from road kill).
  5. Veil, hat and gloves. Don’t be dumb. Get these.
  6. Protective clothing. There is quite a range here. It’s about your comfort level around the bees. You can go full hazmat suit or just light button up shirt and pants. Definitely protect yourself as you get used to bees, but remember, if you’re gentle, they’re usually gentle too. Also you can try beekeeping in skirts. If you live in a place with Africanized bees, be smart and get a suit.
  7. Odds and ends in my bee basket: lighter, Benedryl, duct tape, lg rubber bands (for fixing cross comb), smoker fuel, gifts for my bees, generally witchery.